Hello World

I have created this blog in the hope that having a virtual space to organize my thoughts will help me with my coding projects and other things of that nature. A small - but not insignificant - part of me wants to keep a record of my thoughts as a kind of personal time-capsule: a way for me to be able to look back on who I was and how I have changed.

Initially, this blog will be filled with the ramblings of someone that has just finished their undergrad but has not yet started to look for a job; much of my time in the next few months will be spent working on one side project or another to keep me busy and to start/finish some ideas that I did not have time for during school.

My projects will likely fall under two categories:

  • Procedural Generation of Content. This is a very common interest for a lot of software-types as it both scratches our creative itch and also allows us to make-up for our inability to draw
  • General Utility Libraries. This is not a common hobby; there are not many people who will forgo creating pretty or useful projects in order to create low-level tools. I have pretty high standards for the software libraries I use for geometry, data structures, and other “helper” packages; I am often disappointed enough with the quality of the interfaces or the over-all design that I create my own (or wrap a good implementation with my own interface).

I hope this goes well.